Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Reading: Should Christians Embrace Evolution?

Recently finished reading this one, along with several other books this summer on the them or origins (evolution and creation).

Should Christians Embrace Evolution: Biblical & Scientific Responses
edited by Norman C. Nevin

From the back cover:
We are witnessing an aggressive attack on the credibility of the Christian faith. Christians are increasingly called to embrace Darwinian evolution — or acknowledge that they are altogether opposed to science.

But for the contributors to this volume, this is a false premise. Committed to the authority of Scripture, the need for careful exegesis, and the importance of rigorous scientific investigation, these thirteen scientists and theologians offer valuable perspectives on a controversial area of debate for concerned Christians who are determined to draw their own conclusions.

“Helpful to [anyone] who wants to expose their thinking to top-quality, cutting-edge arguments.” ~ Richard A. Carhart, Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Illinois, Chicago.

“The experts in science and theology who have contributed [these] chapters … will be very helpful to Christians who are struggling to sort out conflicting claims and arrive at the truth.” ~ Phillip E. Johnson, Author of Darwin on Trial, Cofounder of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture.

“This is a most helpful compilation, which is designed to make one think very seriously about the whole issue of evolution and the Bible. To those who love the Scriptures, and seek to be faithful to them, this will prove enormously helpful.” ~ Rt. Revd. Wallace Benn, Bishop of Lewes

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