Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yours, Jack: Spiritual Direction with C. S. Lewis

I am reading Yours, Jack: Spiritual Direction with C. S. Lewis. This is a book of selected letters of C. S. Lewis, whom close friends knew as Jack. Already within the first 20-30 pages I have found a few spiritual truths that are worth the price of the book. It also offers some insights into Lewis himself. I have just read, in one of his early letters, of a conversation he had with friends Hugo Dyson and J. R. R. Tolkien that turned out to be pivotal in his conversion to Christ.

There are three kinds of letters in this book, moving chronologically through Lewis' spiritual development. The first are letters of spiritual companionship, followed by letters of discipleship in which he asks for spiritual advice. The last are letters of spiritual direction, in which he answers those who have asked him for spiritual advice.

This is indeed a book to relish.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fontains of Wayne >> Valley Winter Song

Heard a snippet of this song on an L. L. Bean commercial and was caught by the sound and the harmonies.

Advent Carol >> Gaudete! (Rejoice)

The third Sunday in Advent is known as Gaudete Sunday (gaudete means "rejoice"). The liturgical color for this day is rose, a break from the purple of the other three Sundays. It celebrates the humanity of Christ, born of the Virgin Mary.

This traditional carol is rendered here by the Medieval Baebes.

Gaudete! Gaudete!
Christus est natus ex Maria virgine, gaudete!

1. Tempus adest gratiae, hoe quod optabamus;
Carmina laetitiae devote reddamus. Refrain

2. Deus homo factus est, natura mirante;
Mundus renovatus est a Christo regnante. Refrain

3. Ergo nostra contio psallat iam in lustro;
Benedicat Domino; salus regi nostro. Refrain

Rejoice, rejoice, Christ is born
Of the virgin Mary, rejoice

1. The time of grace is here, that which we desire
Let us recite with devotion a song of joy. Refrain

2. God is made man, nature marvels
The world is restored by the reigning Christ. Refrain

3.Therefore we now sing our hymn in brightness
May it bless the Lord, greeting to our King. Refrain